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The Wood Enterprise Institute would like to say thank you to all of our sponsors!

We would especially like to acknowledge the following who donated their time and support to make this project possible:


  • Dr. Eric Wiseman (FREC) for organizing urban timber harvesting and utilization project for the white oak tree


  • David Richert (Whole Forest Solutions, LLC) for delivery of tree logs to the Brooks Forest Products Center


  • Eric Carbaugh (FREC) for portable sawmill processing of logs into slabs


  • Dr. Carolyn Copenheaver (FREC) for dendochronology of the tree disk to establish date reference


  • Dr. Brian Bond (SBIO) for kiln drying of the white oak slab lumber 


  • Peter Sforza (Center for Geospatial Information Technology) for the creation of a virtual digital standing tree to reference the location of crafter products


  • Danny Hazelwood (SBIO) for the design and craftsmanship experience to create the prototype table


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